2019-10-29 / Victor Award for Opusculum Reference 3 amplifier

The 6MOONS portal has published a review of the Marton Opusculum Reference 3 amplifier.

Our construction has been recognized as one of the best on the market, regardless of the price! If you expect absolute neutrality, pure amplification and full scale of dynamics - Reference 3 may be ideal.

In the summary we can read:

“Mr. Knaga's key goal was to create as neutral sounding amplifier as possible and I believe he did a fantastic job. The massive output will allow Marton Opusculum Reference 3 to drive any speakers with ease. What's more, the Polish amplifier will allow them to keep their own sonic character and push them hard so that they can perform at their best”

“It (Marton Opusculum Reference 3) will deliver truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about any recording you will throw at it. It won't add or loose any information. The sound of instruments and vocals will be acccurate, engaging and natural, encouraging you to spend countless hours listening to your favorite music without any fatigue. So it’s a matter of individual choice - if you like warm, palpable, present presentation and don't mind some sound coloration pick one of the top SETs up for your pleasure. But if you’re the: truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth kind of guy, who wants to enjoy, not dissect music, the reviewed Marton Opusculum Reference 3 is one of the best choices there are on the market regardless of the price range.”

So I have no other choice but to honor Marton's new work with our highest prize, Victor!

Full review – 6MOONS >>